Making  SafeSkills  evaluation ready  

Data analysis and visualisation

Ariel Trust

We have partnered with the Ariel Trust for almost 7 years in various forms. Our latest work  sought to standardise data collection from children participating in the  SafeSkills  Child Sexual Exploitation education programme so that Ariel could monitor and evaluate the delivery, and possible effect, of the programme internally. 

Image taken from Ariel data reports

Image taken from Ariel data reports


 The need

There is very little evidence about what works in child sexual exploitation prevention. Where programmes do exist, they tend to be one-off lessons focusing on awareness rather than seeking to give children the skills to combat exploitation.  SafeSkills  runs within the school curriculum, takes a skills-based approach to prevention and has a clear logic model. However, no data has previously been collected around the delivery of the programme and the intermediary outcomes it may be affecting. 

Our response

We have worked with the Ariel Trust to design and implement a short pre/post questionnaire to collect basic delivery and outcome information about children taking part in the programme. This data is designed to be routinely monitored via easy-to-read data reports that allow the team to course correct if delivery is off course and see early signs of change in children. Crucially, the programme itself can be tweaked whilst collecting the same data, setting-up the programme for rapid cycle testing.


Work to date

  •  Identify delivery and engagement metrics  

  • Identify appropriate outcome measures to ask pre/post  

  • Develop a short data collection form  

  • Develop an analysis procedure and data report that can be produced routinely  

  • Recommend next steps.   

What next?  

  •  This project is complete.  

    Our work started in November 2017 and concluded  in  April 2018   



SafeSkills – A different approach to preventative  CSE  education 

The work was commissioned by the Centre for expertise on child sexual abuse. The Ariel Trust is the delivery partner and we are the evaluation partner. 

 For more information, contact:   

Daniel Ellis