ChildrenCount Wellbeing Surveys 

Data analysis and visualisation

Renfrewshire Council, A Better Start, Perth and Kinross, Dundee, Angus and North Ayrshire Council

The ChildrenCount Wellbeing surveys have been designed to capture data from children, young people and parents about a range of Key Developmental Outcomes and Risk Factors as they current experience them. Data has been collected from across England and Scotland to help inform strategy in local authorities. 


 The need

Local authorities have been experiencing increasing need and less resources. Paired with this, they don’t necessarily know what the exact needs of their population are. This particularly hinders decisions on which early intervention and prevention activities should be funded, and how to target these better.

Our response

The ChildrenCount Wellbeing surveys are carefully constructed from standardised and validated measurement tools covering a wide range of child wellbeing aspects, including intrinsic, social, family and community-based risks. Data is census level and is presented back to local authorities in a unique and engaging way to allow them to understand the prevalence of problems within their locality, whether this is likely worse or better than elsewhere, and which risk factors are predictively linked to which outcomes. 


Work to date

  •  Surveyed over 36,000 children and families 

  • Open access data portal to feed data back 

  • Lab paper: Matching Needs and Services – a Tale of 3 Circles. 

What next?  

  •  Research based on the data collected so far 

  • New sites

Our work is ongoing.