Early Action: System Change Renfrewshire 

Public system reform | Service design

Renfrewshire Council, Engage Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership and the Ariel Trust.

We are working with Renfrewshire Council, Engage Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership and the Ariel Trust to undertake a three-year System Change  initiative to promote young people’s emotional wellbeing and to address emotional coercive control in adolescent relationships.  It forms part of The National Lottery Community Fund’s Early Action System Change Fund tackling the root causes of inequality.   


 The need

In 2016/17 Renfrewshire Council commissioned us to repeat the  Children Count  survey , originally  completed in 2011) The survey captured the well-being of over 85% of children and young people aged 9-16 years in Renfrewshire schools.   The survey highlighted young people’s emotional wellbeing as an area of concern with the data showing an almost two-fold increase in rates of clinically likely diagnosable levels of anxiety and depression between 2011 and 2017. The survey also found that 25% of secondary school age pupils who had been in relationships had experienced worrying levels of emotional control within these relationships. 

Our response

We will understand the system  dynamics and identify leverage points for change and opportunities for investment  by running system and service mapping workshops.  Existing spend  will be mapped  and  we will  identify 1-5% to be reinvested towards early action. Working collaboratively with the voluntary sector to build capacity of young people and families to participate,  we will co-design responses to  the issues. These will then be implemented and rigorously tested using rapid cycle testing techniques to inform adaptations and ongoing improvements.   


Work to date

  •   Fund mapping is complete.  

  •  System and service mapping is complete.  

  •  A range of organisations from across the voluntary sector have been funded to co-design early action service responses.  

  • Voluntary sector workshops complete.

What next?  

  •  Co-design of early action service responses will take place with children, families and communities.  

  • Resources identified by system modelling will fund early action initiatives.   

    Our work started in  April 2018  and  will  conclude in  April 2021.