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Renfrewshire Council, Renfrewshire Health & Social Care Partnership, Dartington Service Design LabEngage Renfrewshire and partners from across the voluntary sector are undertaking a three-year System Change Initiative (2018-2021).

The initiative is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund Early Action System Change Fund that seeks to tackle the root causes of inequality.

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Over 10,000 children and young people across Renfrewshire participated in the ChildrenCount Wellbeing Survey. It provided a robust snapshot of need and service use to inform Children’s Services strategic priorities.



The partnership has mapped service provision, financial spend and existing evidence to better understand the priority issues and opportunities for intervention.



A range of insight and design workshops have been undertaken with young people in schools and the wider community. These workshops/interviews have explored young people’s experiences of the priority issues and begun to generate ideas for service prototypes. 



A select number of service prototypes co-designed by young people and practitioners will be further refined, implemented, and rigorously tested to inform ongoing adaptations and improvements. 




The partnership is a public and voluntary sector partnership - comprised of Renfrewshire Council, Health and Social Care Partnership, Dartington Service Design Lab and Engage Renfrewshire.

The partnership works in close collaboration with a range of voluntary sector colleagues with expertise and experience of working with young people and families to promote emotional well-being and tackle coercive control.

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