FNP ADAPT: improving  an  intensive home visiting programme 

Rapid cycle design and testing

Family Nurse Partnership

The Family Nurse Partnership is adapting its home visiting parenting programme to enable their highly trained Family Nurses to deliver a more personalised programme to their clients, who are first time young mothers. FNP site have also designed changes to the programme’s clinical content that is also being tested.   


Photo credit Family Nurse Partnership National Unit.

 The need

Due to a changing external environment, and the results of the first randomised controlled trial of FNP in the UK, the FNP National Unit embarked on a brave and ambitious project to adapt the programme. 

Our response

The ADAPT programme designs, tests, and adapts strategic and clinical changes to the programme in over 20 of FNP’s delivery sites in England. We have worked with the National Unit to co-design an approach that is based in scientific evidence and informed by the views of clients, family nurses and programme commissioners. This has been tested using rapid cycle design and testing methods since Spring 2016.


Work to date

  •  Development of New Mum Star in collaboration with Triangle consulting to assess client progress and inform personalisation care plans  

  •  Six adaptations to clinical content co-designed and tested in sites across England using rapid cycle testing methodology.   

  •  Total of 22 FNP sites currently engaged with personalised programme delivery   

  • Regular cycle points where practice is evaluated and changed if implementation is unfeasible or unacceptable to practitioners or clients.    

  • Development of a tool to screen for vulnerability and begin to identify those who might benefit most from the programme.

What next?  

  •    Conclusion of testing in October 2019  

  •  Final report due to be published in March 2020  

  • Public release of New Mum Star in July 2019  

    Our work started in  April 2016  and  will  conclude in  March 2020.  



FNP Interim Report


Be flexible: Lessons from FNP ADAPT

The work is commissioned and funded by the FNP National Unit and part supported by A Better Start, which is a project of the National Lottery Community Fund. 

 For more information, contact:   

Keira Lowther