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Evidence review | Strategy development

#iwill Fund 

Dartington  Service Design Lab are the lead partners in the #iwill  Fund Learning Hub.  We’re working with Match Funders, delivery organisations and evaluators to maximise learning and develop knowledge about how to fund, deliver, and sustain high-quality youth social action that can benefit young people and their communities. 


 The need

The #iwill Fund brings together £40 million in funding from the DCMS and The National Lottery Community Fund. It aims to make social action part of life for as many 10 to 20 year-olds as possible by 2020. Funding is matched and distributed by other funders through programmes that enable more young people, particularly from less affluent communities, to take part in high quality social action that builds a habit for life. 

Our response

We are maximising the leaning created by the #iwill Fund to develop a rich body of knowledge on (i) how to increase the availability and sustainability of youth social action (ii) what outcomes youth social action can promote for young people and communities (iii) how delivery organisations can strengthen and improve their programme design, delivery, and monitoring.


Work to date

  Enquiries working with funders, professionals, and delivery organisations, into (a) how funders can support youth social action in schools (b) how to fund youth social action in a ‘place-informed’ way (c) whether and how to integrate youth social action with ‘all-ages’ social action   

The second cohort of youth social action delivery organisations are going through the ‘Impact Accelerator’ process to assess the strengths of their design, delivery and monitoring, and then work to improve weaker elements.   

Work to aggregate and disseminate relevant evidence inside and outside of the Fund is well underway.

What next?  

There will be two further Impact Accelerator cohorts, with reports produced summarising improvement strategies and broader lessons for the sector.   

A wide range of evidence papers will be produced and disseminated during the life of the Learning Hub.   

Our work started in January 2018 and will conclude in March 2022.



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The funder is the #iwill Fund – created by the National Lottery Community Fund and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Our consortium partners delivering the Learning Hub are Generation ChangeRenaisi, and the Centre for Youth Impact.

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Jenny North