System Mapping Homelessness  

Public system reform | Data analytics and visualisation 

Center for Homelessness Impact 

We worked with the Centre for Homelessness Impact to make sense of the complexity of homelessness. With experts in the field we builta system map that charts the inter-related causes and consequences of homelessness to guide action in a complex world.


 The need

The issue of homelessness  has been in the public  consciousness  for over 50 years. Despite our best-evidenced interventions,  it  has not gone away.  The  issue  is persistent in a large part because of its complexity: the causes and consequences of homelessness are wide-ranging and inter-connected. While individual policies and interventions may be effective, a meaningful and sustained reduction of homelessness requires a whole-system understanding and approach. 

Our response

We convened a series of workshops that brought together  people working across local and central government, the voluntary sector, academia and policy  to gather their views of the complex causes and consequences of homelessness. These were captured in a systems map, developed iteratively with the Centre for Homelessness Impact and other experts in the field. The system map presents the systemic structures that are essential to understand in order to take a sustainable approach to tackling homelessness. 


Work to date

  •   Multiple  workshops in London, Glasgow and Southend  

  •  Iterative development of system map  

  • Day-long workshop with friends of the Centre to develop map    

  •  Further iteration of the system map.  

  • Support for the Centre to align systems work with wider objectives  

What next?  

  • This project has concluded.

    Our work started in  August 2018  and   concluded in  March 2019.



What we talk about when we talk about systems

This work is commissioned by the Centre for Homelessness Impact.   

 For more information, contact:   

Ben Hartridge