Service Mapping in Southend

Public system reform | Data analytics and visualisation

Southend A Better Start and Public Health at Southend Borough Council.

We are  working with Southend  A  Better Start and  Public Health at Southend Borough Council to map the services  currently  available to families with  children from conception to age 19.  This is to understand the current service landscape in Southend and aid future system reform.  


 The need

Before considering system reform, leaders need a clear map of the system to fully understand services available to 0-19-year olds and the typical pathways available to them. We cannot know where the system is working well, or where it requires bolstering, without this understanding. This is where Southend  currently  find themselves – needing to know what their current configuration of services are providing and where there may be gaps in provision.  

Our response

We are  creating  an interactive  map of services, covering a range of factors from who the service is targeted at  to what kind of child or family outcomes they deal with. Once complete the interactive map will be available to all partners and stakeholders to increase  the  shared understanding of services in Southend and where pathways can be strengthened. 


Work to date

  •  Set up of online data collection form  

  •  Supporting services with data collection   

  •  Creating and refining prototype interactive service map  . 

What next?  

  •  Ongoing data collection  

  •  Final interactive map creation  

    Our work started in December 2018  and  will  conclude in  April 2019.   


This work has been commissioned jointly by Southend A Better Start and Public Health  at  Southend Borough Council.


What next for evidence?

 For more information, contact:   

Daniel Ellis