My Future: Rapid Cycle Design & Testing

Rapid cycle design and testing

Chance UK

Using rapid cycle design and testing we have partnered with Chance UK to  improve the design, implementation  and continuous monitoring of  the My  Future project:  a 9-month child mentoring service delivered to  50 children in Camden and Southwark. My Future started in October 2018 and will conclude in June 2020.  


 The need

Research evidence  shows  that mentoring relationships can  positively affect children’s social and emotional behaviours. However, this evidence also reveals great variation in impact. For organisations like  Chance UK, whose  aim to  use mentoring to improve  children’s behavioural and emotional difficulties, there remains a chasm between what interventions are known to work in theory and what services  actually work  well in practice.  

Our response

Our ambition is to bridge this gap by developing practice-based evidence through a  fast, iterative approach. We work closely with Chance UK’s staff and mentors to understand the explicit behavioural needs of the children the service targets,  rapidly  develop new activities and adapt existing ones that can address these needs within the children’s individual environments, and  continuously  collect a range of quantitative and qualitative data about whether and how activities are being implemented and their intermediate and long-term effects.  


Work to date

  •  Guiding Theory of Change  created   

  • Logic  model and evaluation framework developed to inform project delivery and evaluation  

  • New programme manual  created  with new  and refined  mentoring activities and more continuous assessments  

  • Training in new curriculum offered to mentors  

What next?  

  •  Redesign of data collection and reporting systems  

  • Implementation of new mentoring activities and  continuous  mixed methods data collection  


My Future is funded by Chance UK

 For more information, contact:   

Deon Simpson