Nicola Doherty, PhD

Associate | BIRMINGHAM

Project manager and qualitative research specialist with a wealth of experience managing large national and international research projects centered on improving outcomes for children.

Nicola has contributed to successful grant applications and academic publications on the outcomes of adopted and donor-conceived children, and in 2017 was awarded a PhD in psychology from the University of Warwick. Nicola’s skills and interests include qualitative data analysis, conducting focus groups/interviews, performing literature reviews, and project management.

Previously, Nicola worked as a Senior Project Manager where she was responsible for managing several large research trials throughout Europe and America. Nicola started working for the Dartington Social Research Unit in 2014 on a project designed to prevent young people from entering the criminal justice system.

Currently, Nicola freelances as a Project Manager on a national research trial that aims to explore the intricacies of child development and school readiness.

Nicola is the Chair of a charity that supports children living in a ‘garbage’ village in Cairo and voluntarily raises funds to provide education and play outlets for children living there.