Tim Hobbs, PhD


tim.hobbs@dartington.org.uk | 07856 686820 | @tim_hobbs_lab | DEVON

Tim is responsible for shaping the ideas and strategic direction of the Lab and for the general oversight and running of the charity.

Tim has spent over a decade working with public systems, charities and foundations to help shape a series of bold investments and experiments designed to improve child outcomes. He is passionate about fusing science-based and user-centred design approaches to system reform and service design.

Tim joined the Dartington Social Research Unit as a researcher in 2004, later becoming Head of Data and Analytics. He was appointed as the first Director of the Dartington Service Design Lab in April 2017. He holds a first-class BSc in Psychology and Criminology and a PhD in Social and Policy Sciences. Alongside Nick Axford, Tim is a recipient of the Kammerman and Khan Award from the International Society of Child Indicators. He is a 2016 Clore Social Fellow.