Your Voice, Your Way: Co-design of a Feedback Tool in Children’s Social Care  

Service Design

Renfrewshire Children’s Social Care and Snook

We are working in partnership with Renfrewshire Children’s Social Care and Snook to transform the way young people’s experiences are heard and acted upon within the care system. Key to the project is the co-design of a feedback tool that can be mapped against a new young person-centred quality assurance framework.


 The need

Currently social care services are measured against standards set by external care review bodies and Council teams, but don’t necessarily reflect the reality of young people’s care experiences and what they value within them. Similarly, young people in care are currently only given fixed opportunities to feedback their thoughts and experiences, which may not be in the right way or time for them or facilitate effective information sharing and updates.  

Our response

We are working to understand what is important for the future quality assurance framework and feedback tool by  conducting a series of locally held co-design workshops and interviews with young people, parents, carers and social care practitioners. Together, we will co-produce a young person-centred quality assurance Framework, and Feedback Tool.   


Work to date

  •  Project planning with We Are Snook and Renfrewshire Council   

  •  Initial recruitment and planning for practitioner interviews and foster carer workshops  

  • Outreach to key voluntary sector partners including Who Cares? Scotland and Barnardo’s   

  • Engagement with the Independent Care Review and Care Inspectorate  

What next?  

  •    Expert interviews with those from across the sector   

  • Engaging young people in 1:1 journey mapping sessions and priority setting sessions  

  • Delivery of insight and co-design workshops with young people, caregivers and practitioners  

    Our work started in March 2019 and will conclude in September 2020  .  


Our partners are Renfrewshire Council, who commissioned the project and We Are Snook Design Agency, who will be supporting with the design and development process.    This project is funded by the Life Changes Trust.  

 For more information, contact:   

India Roche